Car presentation 2023

Opel Astra GSi 16V - 1995, Gr. A - Frans Verbaas/Kees Hagmann

Frans Verbass made this Opel Astra in 1996 with parts from Opel Spain, Sydney Meeke, Vauxhall Sport and Brian Ashwood and it is a full works spec car with a Swindon engine and X-trac gearbox. He was also Dutch Rally Sprint Champions in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. Mehr >

Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 - 1986, Gr. B - Peter van der Putten/Sjoerd van der Putten

Autosport Veghel in the Netherlands built this copy of the Audi Quattro S1 E2. Last year it took part at the Eifel Rally Festival in Bobby Unser's colours of the Pikes Peak hill climb in the USA in 1986. For 2023 it got the usual HB colours from Audi Sport again. Mehr >

Datsun 160J - 1980, Gr. 2 - Paulo Pimentel Torres/Antonio Coimbra

Paulo Torres rallied in the 80's in autocross and on off-road events with a Datsun 160J and his passion for Datsun led him in 2020 rebuild a Datsun Violet 160J Gr2. He got a bodyshell and specific parts and the factory Enkei rims that belonged to the original car. Mehr >

Porsche 911 SC - 1982, Gr. 4 - Samuel Thiele/Klaus Thiele

Although Rüdiger Wolf´s passion for the Porsche 911 goes back to his youth, it was only in 2003 that he acquired this 911 SC when it literally came across him in his own car repair shop. Mehr >

Audi Quattro A2 - 1986, Gr. B - Hans Stacey/Robert de Grraf

Audi specialist Coen Donkers used a standard Audi Quattro road car to turn this into a Quattro A2 Group B rally car. The 2017 Eifel Rallye Festival was its first event. Mehr >

Opel GT - 1973, Gr. 2 - Josef Schölderle/Monika Schölderle

The Schölderle couple have a great fondness for Opel rally cars and thought about what would be missing from the whole Opel range at slowly sideways. That's when they came up with the idea of the Opel GT, it can be as simple as that. Mehr >

Ford Escort MK1 Twin Cam - 1969, Gr. 2 - Michel Smeets/Stan Lutz

Michel Smeets found this Escort MK1 as a rally car in a workshop. He was there to buy a Mercedes SLK but came home with the Escort! The car had originally been bought new by a Dutch family, as a production 1300 in orange. Mehr >

Renault R8 Gordini - 1968, Gr. 2 - Jens Schäfer/Rene Mahlberg

This original R8 Gordini Type R1135 has been in the possession of the Schäfer family for many years and was built up according to the original cars from the 60s. After a few years in its own showroom at the Renault Autohaus Schäfer in Daun, it was made ready to run again in 2023. Mehr >

Porsche 924 Carrera GT - 1981, Gr. 4 - Thomas Schöfer/Julian Schöfer

Thomas Schöfer has turned this Porsche 924 Carrera GT from a standard road car to a rally car by himself. He choose this Porsche for two reasons: Thomas wanted to have a car of the pre-Group B era, and he wanted a car with turbocharging since he is involved in the development of turbochargers in his regular job. Mehr >

Opel Kadett GTE - 1979, Gr. 2 - Günther Ressel/Hans-Peter Grözinger

After its active career in the Netherlands, this Kadett came into private hands and was deregistered for a long time before Günther Irmscher bought it. Günther Ressel took it over in 2001 and restored it extensively down to the last bolt, and a straightening bench was also necessary to get the body straight again. Mehr >