Car presentation 2023

Audi 80 GLE - 1979, Gr. 4 - Robert Los/Erwin Naber

Robert Los had this Audi 80 GLE completely rebuilt up in 2023. Mehr >

BMW M3 - 1989, Gr. A - Conor Lavery/Alex Lavery

This BMW was built in Italy in 1988 with a kit of parts supplied by Prodrive - so not a Prodrive build car but one to their full Group A spec. It was only used in European Hillclimbs and one or two rallies and is completely original and unrestored and is in amazing condition. Conor changed its design to the Fina colours of 1989. Mehr >

BMW M3 - 1987, Gr. A - Thomas Kübler/Max Hunzinger

Thomas Kübler bought this BMW M3 E30, originally converted for circuit racing, had it completely disassembled and prepared for historic rallying in Group A, where it is also used today. It is a perfect copy of the car that was built by Prodrive to compete in the 1987 World Rally Championship. Mehr >

Lancia Rallye 037 - 1985, Gr. B - Dave Kedward/Martin Saunders

Dave Kedward’s 037 is a 1985 second evolution works car prepared especially for the Safari that was driven on the rally that year by Vic Preston Junior and then left with him to run in the Kenyan Rally Championship. He won that twelve-round 1985 championship with ten outright victories. Mehr >

Škoda 200 RS - 1974, Gr. Prototyp - Stanislav Kafka/

This car has gone through a long and demanding reconstruction and is now in perfect and original state. Mehr >

Peugeot 309 Gti - 1989, Gr. A - Daniel Jünger/Klaus Schmidt

In January 2018 Daniel Jünger was able to acquire this 309 because he has a very special relationship to this Peugeot. His father was a mechanic at Peugeot Germany and built and serviced this 309 and Daniel himself was an apprentice at that time too. His father will also be servicing the Peugeot again in 2019. Mehr >

Opel Monza 3.0 E - 1987, Gr. A - Rudy Jacobs/Ingrid van Loock

Rudy Jacobs was looking for a rally car that not everyone has and found it in the Opel Monza that was factory entered in Ireland in 1987. Thank you for this addition in the field from slowly sideways. Mehr >

Peugeot 309 GTi - 1991, Gr. A - Uwe Gropp/Jenny Gropp

When Peugeot Germany pulled out of rallying in Saarbrücken and the sports department was closed down, the car, which was than just being overhauled, passed into the possession of the workshop manager of the sports department. Mehr >

Lancia Delta Superdelta - 1992, Gr. A - Marco Geeratz/

Maturo Cars in the Netherlands specialises in high-quality restorations, and in particular the Lancia Delta Integrale. Special parts required are built in small series as well as new rally cars. Mehr >

Porsche 911 S - 1970, Gr. 4 - Florian Feustel/Paul Gehbauer

Florian Feustel has been based in Switzerland since 2016 with his company Raceline Feustel specialises in the restoration of high-quality Porsche racing cars. So it's no wonder that the Ake Andersson 911 S from the 1970 Rally Monte-Carlo was in good hands with him and is back in perfect condition today. Mehr >