Car presentation 2023

Toyota Corolla WRC - 1998, Gr. WRC - Darrel Taylor/Steve McNulty

Darrell Taylor purchased the car in 2022 from Henry and Peter Appelskog who were rallying it until 2019 with good results. The car arrived from Sweden in superb mechanical condition, so it was only necessary to paint the car and return it to its original Marlboro livery as Thomas Radström drove it back in 1998. Mehr >

Ford Escort RS Cosworth - 1996, Gr. A - Carlos Pinho/Miguel Susano

Carlos Pinho is a Portuguese collector of Rally Cars and bought this Escort from Austria in 2020. The base of the car was a Group N car from M-Sport. Pinho restored the car in his own workshop and did the upgrade to Group A. Mehr >

SKODA 130 LR - 1986, Gr. A+B - Jens Roth/Thopmas Bauer

This Skoda 130 LR was built in 1987 as a Group A car and then imported from Czech Republic to the German Democratic Republic by Eberhard Uth, a multiple rally champion in the GDR. Uth himself drove this Skoda for two years. Then in 1991, Jens Roth traced this car and bought it. Mehr >

Lancia Delta Integrale - 1989, Gr. N - Barbara Loth/Leonie Walter

The Eifel Rally Festival has had its own women’s team for years. The Swiss Barbara Loth, née Ernie, and Leonie Walter have been driving their Lancia Delta as the sweep car after the last starter. No wonder, since both come from self-confessed rally families. Mehr >

Audi Quattro A2 - 1983, Gr. B - Ulrich Edling/Markus Schuler

This Audi Quattro A2 was lovingly built by Ulrich Edling from a production car which took no less than 6 years. He drives it at some selected events. Mehr >

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3 - 1995, Gr. A - Rui Madeira/Paula Madeira

In 2023 Rui Madeira obtained chassis 6525 of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3 Group N from Spain as a memento of his 1995 season and Group N Cup victory and prepared it to compete in demo events. Mehr >

Opel Ascona A - 1973, Gr. 2 - Wolfgang Wezel/Marcel Wezel

The Wezels have been driving this Opel Ascona A quite successfully for many years in various national events and championships, until they decided to exchange the serious sport for events of SlowlySideways. For the 2019 season they have rebuilt the Ascona according to the original of 1973 with much effort and love. Mehr >

Citroen ZX - 1995, Gr. A - Victor Lopes/Pedro Ortigao

This Citroen ZX 16V was still running in Portugal until 2000, when Victor Lopes took it over and restored it to drive it in demo rallies. His co-driver Perdo Ortigao is a rally organiser in Portugal and also runs a similar event there called Rally Spirit. Mehr >

Ford Fiesta R5 - 2016, Gr. R5 - Steven Rockingham/Fiona Scarrett

Bought by the current owner in March 2023 this Ford was gradually been put back to how it was when Elfyn Evans drove it in 2016. Mehr >

Audi Sport Quattro S1 - 1985, Gr. B - Stig Blomqvist/Fabrizia Pons

Stig Blomqvist was Rally World Champion in 1984 in the long Audi Quattro A2. Then, from the 1984 Sanremo Rally onwards, he naturally drove the new short Sport Quattro. Already at the second event, the Rally Ivory Coast in Africa, he managed the first and only victory of the Sport Quattro in the World Rally Championship. Mehr >