Car presentation 2024

Trabant 800 RS - 1986, Gr. A - Olivier Hermans/Marc Hermans

The father and son team of Mark and Olivier Hermans had the idea to drive a rally car which is not seen very often in Belgium. Thus they sold their Ford Escort and bought a 1963 Trabant. In 2011, they began to restore the car, a project which took them three years. Now they have a very nice copy of the works Trabants used on the 1000 Lakes Rally of 1986. Mehr >

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus - 1981, Gr. 2 - Garry Gee/

This is a brand new car commissioned and built for Gary Gee by the former works team members, Jim Little and Philip Davison. Jim ran Russell Brookes and John Buffum in the European Championship back in the 1980s as part of Talbot’s World Championship season. This car has been built from scratch with all original parts by Mr. Little who has ensured that everything is exactly to the original works specifications. Even the registration number is only one letter different than that of an original works car. This Talbot is running a 2. Mehr >

Hyundai Accent WRC – 2000 - 2000, Gr. WRC - Ralf Fischer/Katja Hossfeldt

After the end of MSD, Chassis 004 was sold to Romania where it was rallied for one year. Then it went to Turkey where it was used in 2004 and 2005. When this Hyundai Accent WRC was offered for sale in 2015, Ralf Fischer was faster than anyone else and bought it. Mehr >

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 3.0 - 1988, Gr. A - Joost Deen/Lenneke Oostingh

Joost Deen has a special passion for rarities and since nobody outside Italy is using an Alfa 75 in rallying, his choice was quickly done. Additionally, the V6 engine with its sidepipe exhaust is music for the ears of any rally fan. This replication of Gabriele Noberasco’s 1988 Sanremo Alfa was only finished in 2018. Mehr >

Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR - 1976, Gr. 2 - John de Heijde/Xander Heijnen

Many years ago John could buy this Lancer 1600 GSR and converted it with much effort into a copy of Andrew Cowan`s Safari Mitsubishi from 1976. John is quite active building Mitsubishis like a Galant VR4 RS group A as well as a Starion Turbo EX. John still has many special client project to build und support for historic rallying. Mehr >

Toyota Celica TA22 - 1973, Gr. 2 - Jurgen de Bruyne/Stephan Sobry

Jurgen de Bruyne owns this Celica since 2005 and uses it mostly on regularity rallies and since 2011 also on demonstration events. As he is a big fan of Toyota rally cars, he made a replica of the St. Bruno Celica which was driven by Ove Andersson back in 1973. The car is completely customized by himself. Mehr >

Opel Rallye Kadett - 1970, Gr. 2 - Werner Blank/Adolf Ahrens

Adolf Ahrens used to be the co-driver for Holger Bohne (Mercedes, Ford and Ferrari) competing in and outside Germany. After that he was involved in the rally programs of VW, Holzer and Dieter Depping. Ahrens got to know the Slowly Sideways group thanks to Rolf Kirst and Thomas Schöfer who have both built replicas of the Boss Mercedes which Ahrens co-drove on the 1980 Monte Carlo Rally. Mehr >

Mercedes 280 CE - 1980, Gr. 2 - Andreas Bayer/Inka Lerch

With the help of the official homologation papers, Thomas Schöfer converted a normal 280 CE road car into a proper rally car. The suspension and rear axle including a lower gear ratio and a limited slip differential even come from the remainders of the Mercedes factory team. Mehr >

Opel Ascona 400 - 1982, Gr. 4 - Thomas Griesche/Manuela Griesche

Thomas Griesche has owned an Opel Ascona 400 road version with wheel arches since 1990. He had it rebuilt by the Rüdiger Wolf company in Rockenhausen into a Gr. 4 car similar to the one that won the Rally Monte Carlo in 1982. Mehr >