Car presentation 2024

Mitsubishi Starion Turbo - 1987, Gr. A - Sander Drijber/Thies Stegeman

Sander Drijber drives this beautiful and rare Mitsubishi Starion Turbo 2023 at the festival, which in previous years has often taken part with other drivers. Mehr >

Alpine A110 1800 - 1973, Gr. 4 - Thomas Delago/Lukas Delago

A standard Alpine A 110 was transferred from Thomas Delago into an exact copy of the works cars that dominated the second half of the 1973 rally season. Its glass-fibre body makes the car only 750 kg heavy. Mehr >

Alpine A 110 - 1974, Gr. 4 - Andreas Bernardy/Stefan Hoffmann

In 2011, this Alpine was disassembled and built up completely. When building up the car, the works cars from the Tour de Corse of 1974 were used as examples. Mehr >

Saab 99 Turbo - 1981, Gr. 4 - Gerhard Zeier/Rosario da Nazaret

Gerhard and a Saab have been an integral part of slowly sideways for years. Gerhard Zeier has – just like Stig Blomqvist – a lot of experience in left-foot braking which he uses to steering the Saab sideways around the corners. Zeier has this experience from many years in the Swiss Rally Championship and is using it today on Slowly Sideways events. Mehr >

Lancia Stratos - 1975, Gr. 4 - Fred Walter/Klaus Hucke

in a bunch of 4 cars and all of them where transferred to Group 4 rally cars. One of them was given to Jean Claude Andruet for the Tour de Corse and than transferred into Alitalia colours for the Monte Carlo Rally in 1975 and further used by Björn Waldegard on the Swedish Rally. Fred Walters car was first used on the Giro d’Italia by a privateer. It was lent by the factory to fill the class on this event and in summer 1975 the car was sold to the Scuderia Alberti from Pavia. Mehr >

DAF 66 - 1973, Gr. 2 - Dion Walet/Quinten Fluit

Ton Koster rebuilt the factory version of the DAF 66 as it was driven by the Claude Laurent and Jacques Marché team at the 1973 Rally Monte-Carlo. Both Rob Koch, former team manager of the rally team, and Claude Laurent inspected the copy and were very impressed. In 2023, Dion Walet took over this DAF from Ton. Mehr >

Mini Cooper S - 1967, Gr. 2 - Rikkert Vancayseele/Alex van Dooren

Rikkert and some friends started restoring a Mini in 2018. Everything has been carefully rebuilt except for the safety (seats, seatbelts and roll cage), which are up to today's standards. Mehr >

Audi Quattro - 1981, Gr. 4 - Andrew Trayner/Tania Short

Andrew Trayner started to build this car from an original white Audi Quattro in 2007. The car continues to evolve with parts being replicated from the original group 4 cars. For him half the joy is researching and manufacturing the parts. Group 4 cars were rapidly changing so it can be hard to pin down the spec for the car as every period photo generally reveals something new. He based his car on the 1981 Lombard RAC Rally car because it was the winner of that event. Mehr >

Porsche 911 Carrera RS - 1973, Gr. 4 - Stephan Tafel/Meret Tafel

With a great passion for Porsche and Bosch (Stephan’s employer), it was only natural for Stephan to restore an old 911 Porsche to a recreation of the 1973 Bosch Safari-RS. Stephan utilized his personal extensive research from old articles and pictures, as well as support from Gabi and Uwe Kurzenberger in order to highlight the differences from the successive year and therefore build the vehicle exactly to intended spec. Mehr >

Alpine A110 1600SC - 1971, Gr. 4 - Michael Splettstösser/Hartmut Papenbaum

When Michael 'Speedy' Splettströsser bought this Alpine A110 back in 1994, it was only partly restored and not assembled. Splettströsser finished the job and turned this A110 into a replica of the works cars from 1971. The only differences are the rear axle where he did not go for the old swinging axle and which is combined with the gearbox used in the last A110 road cars and also in the A310. Mehr >