A very special edition of the ADAC Eifel Rally Festival will take place on the weekend of July 21-23. The festivities for what is the delayed tenth anniversary of the largest rolling rally museum plus the fiftieth season of the World Rally Championship will attract a unique field of starters to Daun in the Volcanic Eifel. "Shortly after the opening of the entry list, the one hundred and fifty available starting places were booked and the waiting list also filled up," reports Reinhard Klein (Cologne). What excited the head of Slowly Sideways, the Europe-wide association of owners of historic rally cars, was "the incredible quality and diversity of the entries. This means that we can present all facets of the fifty-year history of the WRC at our Festival."

The medias accreditation of the Eifel rally Festival is opened. The accreditation is possible only via the online form. Deadline for accreditation is the 7.07.2022.

You can by the programmes and weekend-tickets of the Eifel Rallye Festival in our webshop. The official programme of the Eifel Rallye Festival contains detailed descriptions of the stages and designated spectator areas in German, English and French. Furthermore it includes a general map and complete start lists with pictures of all participating cars.

Only ten days after the entry list for the Festival opened, the organisers already had more than one hundred and thirty registrations. "Simply impressive, a fantastic response. After an involuntary break of two years, the participants are probably awaiting our Festival just as eagerly as we are," beams Reinhard Klein (Cologne) after the first interim result. When the earth shakes again around Daun in the Volcanic Eifel on the weekend of July 21st/23rd, 2022, a very special Festival edition will take place.

Entry list Eifel Rallye Festival

The entry list for the Eifel Rally Festival 2022 is open. You can reach the entry form in the area Participants > Entry form.

You can find the approval - regulations and the regulations in the area Participants > Noticeboard, further forms in the area Participants > Forms

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Dates for the Eifel Rally Festival 2022

The following dates for the Eifel Rally Festival 2022 have been fixed
Order programme and tickets in the webshop 01.04.2022 - 30.06.2022
Shipping of programmes and tickets from ab 11.07.2022
Opening of the entry list 01.03.2022 - 31.05.2022
Publication of the entry list 30.06.2022
Press accreditation 01.05.2022 - 07.07.2022

When the Volcanic Eifel once again echoes to the sound of classic rally cars on the weekend of July 21st/23rd, everything will revolve around the history of rallying as the tenth edition of the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival moves into action around Daun in the Vulkaneifel. The largest rolling rally museum will present the best of fifty years of the World Rally Championship.

All good things come in threes und now the anniversary will finally be celebrated! Following the two cancelations in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona, the celebration of the 10th anniversary will now take place from 21 to 23 July 2022. Like at the nine previous events, around 160 automobile witnesses from 50 years of rally history will let fans delve into this fascinating sport on the festival weekend. Participants and fans are already shuffling their feet, the city of Daun and the surrounding Vulkaneifel are looking forward to the 'class reunion of the international rally sport'!

The response was impressive: the appeal for donations by the organisers of the ADAC Eifel Rally Festival to help those affected by the flood disaster in the Eifel region raised 40,000 euros in no time. "Already on the day after the tsunami, we received enquiries from all over Europe, the States and even Australia, asking if everything was OK with us", organisation manager Otmar Anschütz (Daun) describes the sympathy of the motorsport enthusiasts.

We launched our appeal on Sunday evening, it was shared 80 times and we reached well over 20,000 people via social media.

From July 22-24, 2021, the tenth edition of the Eifel Rally Festival was planned in the Volcanic Eifel around Daun, but cannot take place due to the pandemic.
After the enormous flood damage of the last few days, the organisers want to help those affected in the event region together with the participants and friends of the festival.

From July 22nd to 24th of 2021, it was planned to hold the tenth edition of the Eifel Rally Festival in the Volcanic Eifel around Daun. But the world's largest rolling rally museum will not open its doors again until 2022. "The Eifel Rallye Festival exists principally for its participants and the thousands of fans. Demonstration drives of historic rally cars, the enthusiastic fans out on the stages, autograph requests, petrol-head chatter, worldwide meeting of rally drivers all sharing the pleasure of reminiscing about the sport and its cars – this is what makes our Festival so very special," explains organisation manager Otmar Anschütz (Daun).

In another virtual Orga meeting it was agreed that the opening of the entry list will not start before April. "We all know about the circumstances and there it would be wrong to switch to 'normal mode' already now.

The date for the next ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival is set. After the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to CV-19, the celebration of its tenth anniversary will now take place from July 22nd to 24th in 2021. As in the previous nine years, around one hundred and sixty rally cars covering fifty years of rallying history will bring the fans to the event that celebrates this fascinating sport over the Festival weekend.

"For a long time we've been hoping to avoid this, but now it's necessary to cancel the 2020 Festival," explains organisation manager Otmar Anschütz from the organising club, the MSC Daun, in a statement made today. "The restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic make it impossible to hold the Festival at the end of July without danger to everyone involved. In addition, it is not foreseeable whether our international participants and guests would even be able to come to us at all.