Joachim Lütticken has been in the Eifel since 2006, but this year he will be missing from the 'Rally Party with Friends'. "That makes me a little sad, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great event!" For the Audi driver, the rally centre in Daun's city centre is an important part: "It leads to a family atmosphere, everyone gets close to the drivers and the cars. However, I miss a bit of the more recent rally history. There are relatively few early WRCs, which could be improved."

After 10 years as sporting director at the service areas of the Eifel Rally (without ever having seen a car on a special stage), Achim Loth wanted to experience the perspective of a participant and has fulfilled this wish several times. He describes his personal highlight as follows: "In 2004, I met a very special lady from Switzerland at the Eifel Rallye and fell in love with her very quickly...

Dave Kedward is also one of the pilots who were already actively involved in the supporting programme of the Eifel Rally before the festival was founded. At that time, he was approached by Reinhard Klein. But first, the Briton raves about the East African Safari Rally. "The competitions in the EASR are my personal highlights!" Referring to the Eifel, Dave mentions the service area in Daun town centre, "packed with enthusiastic people and with quite a few opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones.

Wolf-Dieter Ihle lives Festival lives and makes many things possible in the background. For him, "the focus is on the vehicles, not the drivers." On the starting list, his name is only on the driver's side for six editions. Nevertheless, he was at the start of all 10 festival editions - and how! He uses his seemingly inexhaustible pool of original bolides again and again - also as a co-pilot. In 2013, Harri Toivonen piloted his 1983 Group B Opel Manta 400 in Safari spec. John Buffum got back into his original 1983 Pikes Peak winning car, an Audi Quattro A2, in 2016.

When the historic rally world gathers again in Daun on the last weekend of July (July 27th/29th, 2023), the fans can certainly look forward to watching a first-class entry. Just two weeks after the opening of the application list for this year's ADAC Eifel Rally Festival, it was not just the maximum available one hundred and fifty starting places that had been reached – there were more than two hundred crews wanting to participate. "We will close the entry portal on April 10th otherwise the waiting list will be too long," explained organisation manager Otmar Anschütz with one laughing and one crying eye

Andreas Hoppe has been a permanent guest in the Eifel since 2007. Until 1998, he was on the road at best-time rallies. "Due to the responsibility for my company, I then gave up the active sport and looked for another opportunity. After a tip-off, I took a look at the Slowlys in the Eifel. Then it was clear to me very quickly: this is it. I understood the spirit in the Eifel around the preservation of rally history.

Olivier Hermans from Belgium also had his first Eifel experience before the festival in the Slowly Sideways supporting programme. "The tracks are beautiful, everything is perfectly organised and runs on time. The spectators are motor sport enthusiasts and last but not least, the "Trabi" is a German car. I am always thrilled when I see how many people from all over the world come to Daun, as participants or as fans.

Ralf Fischer was taken to the Eifel Rally by a friend as a spectator. "I was immediately enthusiastic about the "old" rally cars. Since I had driven a Lancia Delta Integrale HF 8V in the slalom, I decided to drive an "original" rally car there as well. No sooner said than done, and now he is a permanent guest in Daun.

Gerd Dicks was the engine man at Toyota, both in the World Rally Championship, LeMans and Formula 1. With his original Group B Toyota Celica Turbo from 1986, which was driven by Lars-Eric Torph at Olympus Rallye back then, he is a regular guest in the Eifel. "Already in 2010, when we drove in the supporting programme of the DRM, many fans came to Daun especially because of us.

For Harald Demuth, the two-time German rally champion, taking part in the Eifel Rally Festival is a must. "I wouldn't want to miss a single year. It's great to see the enthusiasm of the people every year who take extra holidays to see us and our old 'rally treasures'." Roger Lötzner made his Ur-Quattro available to him at the start, which is also how the first joint event with Wolfgang Inhester took place.

Patrick Berghaus has been competing continuously since 2000, always with one of the two family-owned Metros. Until 2018 always with father Peter, after his illness with Karin John.
Even before the festival, when we drove at the DRM rally in Daun as part of the Slowly Sideways programme, many fans came especially for us. But with the festival, it suddenly became huge, really gigantic.

The name Dörrenbächer has stood for high-quality rally photos since 1992. That was not always the case. No, don't misunderstand. Today, it is Sascha who 'shoots' brilliant photos, but already from 1987 until 1999, his father Fredy shot rally videos with the focus on events in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. Older ones may remember the Eichert Racing Film Team and later N&D Video. Some videos can still be found on youtube (rallyecar1). And at the end of the year there was always a review of the season set to music.

The presale of the programmes and tickets will start as planned on 01.04.2023. In order to optimise the dispatch and to expand the offer, the sale of the programme booklet and tickets will be organised via the RallyWebShop this year.

The flyer of the Eifel Rallye Festival 2023 is now available in the download area.

150 participants from 22 countries worldwide and 6 decades of rally history

Open ir cinema showing Helmut Deimels rally films

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