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Walter Röhrl, 67, D – Porsche 911

Walter Röhrl is an integral part of the Eifel Rallye Festival just as his favourite rally, the Monte Carlo, is an integral part of the WRC. In Daun, the two-times World Champion - in 1980 for Fiat and in 1982 for Opel - will drive one of his favourite rally cars. Röhrl will show his driving skills in a Porsche 911 just as he did on the 1981 Sanremo Rally where he nearly beat the dominant Audi Quattros.

Björn Waldegård, 70, S – Mercedes 450 SLC

For twenty years now, Björn Waldegård has been a big fan of the Slowly Sideways concept and thus he marks the date of the Eifel Rallye Festival in his calendar every year. Back in the WRC of 1979, Waldegård drove for Ford and Mercedes to become the first ever World Drivers Champion. Thanks to the support of Jürgen Stehr, Björn will drive a replica of one of his championship-winning cars, a Mercedes 450 SLC.

Harald Demuth, 64, D – Audi Sport Quattro

Another regular visitor of the Eifel Rallye Festival is Harald Demuth. The German has not missed a single edition of the Festival so far and will be at the wheel of an Audi again this year. Unlike the years when he won the German Rally Championship in 1982 and 1984 where he drove the long Quattro, in the Eifel Demuth will be pushing a brutish Sport Quattro to the limit.

Philippe Gache, 52, F – Mazda RX-7

Philippe Gache is a true motorsports all-rounder. The Frenchman took part in the Indy 500 race of 1992, has competed in the Le Mans 24h-race ten times and finished twelfth overall on the Rally Paris-Dakar of 2006. Then in 2013, one of the SMG buggies built by Gache even scored a stage win on the Dakar. In the Eifel, Gache will drive a Group B Mazda RX-7.

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Car presentation 2014


Loubet: Peugeot 205 T16 – 1984 – Gr. B

This Peugeot 205 T16 has been in the hands of a collector for a long time and it has been bought by its new owner recently. For the Corsican-born rally fan, Yves Loubet, it was almost inevitable that he would get directly involved in rallying and indeed Loubet became a famous driver. In the first years of Group A, Loubet was one of the most successful tarmac rally drivers in the world.

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Mercedes 450 SLC – 1979 – Gr. 2

As an enthusiast of the Mercedes cars, Jürgen Stehr built this copy of the 1979 Safari 450 SLC from a road car.

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Grünsteidl: VW 1303S – 1973 – Gr. 2

This VW 1303S had been parked away for many years before it was restored back in 1988. Then in November 2012, the original winning car from the Elba Rally of 1973 was sold to Dr. Gerald Schön. The current owner now gives his Salzburg rally beetle to the Autostadt for the 2014 Eifel Rallye Festival. Back in the days of the Porsche Salzburg VW rally Beetles, Grünsteidl and Gottlieb team-mates, but in two different cars.

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Wittmann: VW 1302 S – 1973 – Gr. 2

Franz Wittmann was the junior driver in the Porsche Salzburg team at the time that they were collecting one trophy after another. His first overall victories came with the 120 bhp VW Beetle and marked the beginning of a truly extraordinary career. Wittmann was Austrian champion no less than twelve times. In Daun he will once again be at the wheel of a silver and black VW beetle just as in his early days.

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Vote now: The spectator voting via smartphone app has started today

Wanted! The greatest car of the 2014 Eifel Rallye Festival. From now on, fans can turn their favourite car into the winner of the event. All they have to do is to download the free Eifel Rallye Festival app and vote for their favourite car or cars on the basis of stars. The vote closes on July 26th at 17.00h.

The vote is not only worthwhile for the drivers of the greatest cars - the top three will be awarded with trophies during prize-giving - it can also pay off for those you make the votes. All participants will be included in a raffle for the attractive prizes including a Meet & Greet with one of the VIP drivers during the 2015 Eifel Rallye Festival.

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Safety first

For 2014, the organisers of the Eifel Rallye Festival are going striking into a new direction in terms of the safety of the cars and drivers. The scrutineering do not only check the safety equipment of the cars including roll cage, seat belts, seats and fire extinguishers but also the personal safety equipment of the crews. "All drivers and co-drivers taking part in the Festival have to wear FIA homologated fire-proof gear from head to toe", explains Hubert Böffgen, Clerk of the Course of the Eifel Rallye Festival. "This comprises helmet, balaclava, overall, underwear as well as socks, shoes and gloves for the driver." Driver and co-driver are requested to wear a helmet which has a current FIA or DMSB homologation during shakedown and on the demonstration stages. Helmets according to ECE standard are not allowed.

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Webshop Eifel Rallye Festival

You can by the programmes and weekend-tickets of the Eifel Rallye Festival in our webshop. The official programme of the Eifel Rallye Festival contains detailed descriptions of the stages and designated spectator areas in German, English and French. Furthermore it includes a general map and complete start lists with pictures of all participating cars.

You can by a weekend-ticket in our webshop only together with a programme. Day-tickets and tickets for saturday can not be ordered in the webshop

Orders can only be taken until 11 July 2014, 21:00

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Completely revised: The Eifel Rallye Festival App is ready for download

Now in its second year, the official Eifel Rallye Festival app will be fully able to cope with the rush of spectators coming to Daun. While the design and the functionality have been improved radically, the features are identical as in 2013:

  • Current news during the event
  • Complete event time table
  • Description of all cars with the chance to vote for each of them
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Win a co-drive for this year’s Eifel Rallye Festival

In its current issue, the German classic car magazine "Oldtimer Markt" offers a prize draw for co-drives during the Eifel Rallye Festival. Readers of the magazine have the choice between four different co-driver seats: During shakedown they can have a ride with the Flying Finn Harri Toivonen in his original MG Metro 6R4 from 1986, with multiple German Rally Champion Matthias Kahle in the ever-sideways Skoda 130 RS or in a car of their choice. Alternatively, you can also join Peter Steinfurth, the chief editor of the magazine, on one of the nicest weekends of his work life as he will be driving a BMW 2002ti himself and is looking for a co-driver for the whole event.

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Festival picture awarded by photo magazine

Great action perfectly captured - a sense for good photos does not only pay off in the official photographic competition of the Eifel Rallye Festival which will be held this year for the fourth time. More information on

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