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Important information!

The Web pages of the Eifel Rallye Festival will be moved in the next few days.
This can lead to interruptions for several hours.

We will strive to bring the Web pages as quickly as possible again online.

We ask for your understanding.

Your team from the Eifel rally Festival



Photo gallery with new pictures

In the photo gallery of the Eifel Rallye Festival there are a selection of images of the photographers of RBHahn and mcKlein.

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Preorder now: The 2015 Eifel Rallye Festival DVD

Why not relive the unique atmosphere of the 2015 Eifel Rallye Festival and watch the event from different perspectives by getting the DVD. It features the very best action scenes, spectacular on-board footage and interesting interviews. This comprehensive review of the 2015 event, the fifth in the series, focuses on the theme of "originality" and contains some of the more spectacular original rally cars with their individual stories. Furthermore, it features some of the drivers who had driven these cars in period such as Walter Röhrl, Sandro Munari, Hannu Mikkola, Stig Blomqvist and Timo Salonen. They were truly the stars of the show and contributed immensely to the enormous success of the 2015 Eifel Rallye Festival.

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A Party for many generations!

The 2015 ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (23. - 25. July 2015) was a great success and a party for many generations. From toddlers to grandfathers, the Rally Mile in Daun and the demonstration stages were buzzing with spectators.

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Ready to go!

The wait is over and this week, the fifth edition of the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival will finally get under way. Participants and spectators alike are already packing their bags to get to one of the world's biggest events for historic rally cars. One of those getting ready for the demonstration rally centred in Daun,

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Our Heroes

While the years are passing and filled with all the fun that rallying gives us, there are also sad moments when we lose a good friend that we had known for many years. The Eifel Rally Festival 2015 will have an exhibition of two rally cars in front of the Forum in Daun that will remind us of a few of our Heroes.

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Follow the Eifel Rallye Festival live!

One new feature of the event will be the Social Media Wall which will be shown on our two large video screens. These will be located on the show stage at the Laurentiusplatz and at the roundabout at Service Area 2. All posts from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. with the hashtag #eifelrallyefestival will appear there.

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