Greatest Car of the Eifel Rallye Festival – a triumph for Triumph

Spectators of the Eifel Rallye Festival could vote for the greatest car of the event on the basis of stars. All in all, nearly 10,000 stars were “collected” by the 160+ historic rally cars during the last few days and there was a real “shower of stars” for the winning car, the Triumph TR7 V8 of Rob de Vos/Marcel Benning taking part with start number 103 with its unique eight-cylinder sound. Second place went to the exotic Safari-style Volvo PV544 driven by Ralf Kleinemenke/Hans-Bernd Böing (#17) while third place was taken by the beautiful Lancia Stratos of Claus Aulenbacher and Andreas Mirow (#76) in the legendary Alitalia colours.




Zuschauer-Voting - Top 10 Slowly Sideways
Place Str.-Nr. Car Co-Driver
1. 103 Triumph TR7 V8 Rob de Vos/Marcel Benning
2. 17 Volvo PV544 Ralf Kleinemenke/Hans-Bernd Böing
3. 76 Lancia Stratos Claus Aulenbacher/Andreas Mirow
4. 123 Renault 5 Turbo Markus Trapp/Roland Berg
5. 78 Fiat 131 Abarth Pat Horan/Noelle Horan
6. 53 Opel Rallye Kadett B Werner Blank/Adolf Ahrens
7. 30 Opel Kadett GT/E Norbert Zuckermann/Ralf Hetzel
8. 82 Audi Quattro Tim Clarke/Andy Trayner
9. 84 Audi Sport Quattro Joachim Lütticken/Isabelle Brack
10. 171 MG Metro 6R4 Patrick Berghaus/Peter Berghaus
Zuschauer-Voting - Top 3 VIP*
1. 3 Audi Sport Quattro Harald Demuth
2. 1 Opel Ascona 400 Walter Röhrl
3. 1 Porsche 911 SC Walter Röhrl
Zuschauer-Voting - Top 3 Vorwagen
1. V11 Opel Ascona B Michael Rausch/Jenny Schonk
2. 0 Opel Ascona A Georg Berlandy/Ulrike Schmitt
3. V15 Opel Kadett C Coupé Jürgen Lenarz/Natalie Solbach-Schmidt



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