The time table for the Eifel Rallye Festival will be available at Juney 05th , 2013 under the section "Downloads"

With two hundred entries received for the one hundred and thirty places of the main field, the selection process for the Eifel Rallye Festival has been even more laborious than usual. Particularly so for Reinhard Klein, the man behind the Slowly Sideways group from which comes the majority of the preserved or restored rally cars at the Festival.

There are evidently many owners of historic rally cars who are eager to follow the slogan of the Eifel Rallye Festival 2013 and celebrate forty years of the World Rally Championship. As soon as the entry lists opened on February 15th, the entries were coming in fast. After just ten days the group of course-opening cars is full according to Jürgen Lenarz who is the co-ordinator for that group. These are cars whose family trees are not as rigorously inspected as all the other Slowly Sideways cars in the one hundred and thirty strong entry.

Temps forts 2013

  • La légende du rallye Walter Röhrl parrain de l’épreuve
  • Des engagés venant de 12 pays
  • Des voitures de plus de 20 marques différentes, retraçant 50 ans de rallye
  • Cinéma en plein air avec des films de rallye d’Helmut Deimel
  • Bosch Super Stage – spéciale sur terre


Le flyer de l´Eifel Rallye Festival est maintenant disponible dans la zone de téléchargement.

The entry list to the Eifel Rallye Festival 2013 has been opened. The entry form and entry form to the service park are available in the download area. The registration to the service Park is to be submitted with the entry form.

The entry list to the Eifel Rallye Festival 2013 will be opened on the 15.02.2013. At that time, entry form and entry form to the service Park will be available in the download area. The registration to the service Park is to be submitted with the entry form.

The following documents for the Eifel Rallye Festival are available now in the downloadarea:
Regulations 2013, information for participants 2013

The theme for the third running of the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival is the landmark reached next year by the World Rally Championship that was launched in 1973. Thus the emphasis of the weekend’s show will be the cars and drivers that have starred in rallying during that period. It is fitting that the Patron of the Festival should again be double World Champion, Walter Röhrl.


The Eifel Rallye Festival is the biggest event in the world to focus entirely on rally cars and rally drivers. For the last two years, it has attracted tens of thousands of spectators to watch some 130-plus twentieth century rally cars being driven at speed over closed special stages but not in direct competition with each other. The whole ethos of the event as well as the concept of restoration and use of old rally cars has sprung from ‘Slowly Sideways’, an informal group founded by legendary rally photographer – and a keen owner of old rally cars – Reinhard Klein. Together with the MSC Daun and with the support of the ADAC, the Festival has rapidly become THE place for anyone interested in seeing older rally cars driven on stages as well as meeting some of the stars that drove them in the past and are still driving them today.

The official DVD of the 2012 Eifel Rallye Festival has finally arrived and is available now. This DVD reviews the 2012 Eifel Rallye Festival with the best moments of the event, including sequences of the new all-gravel BOSCH Special Stage.


But it also includes a great journey through time as the histories of numerous cars of the event are highlighted with historical films of Helmut Deimel's archive – featuring some of the very special ex-Safari cars. Additionally, stars like Walter Röhrl, Stig Blomqvist and Björn Waldegård tell their stories from the past.

L'Eifel Rallye Festival se poursuivra. La date de 2013 est claire.

The winners are selected

With around 750 pictures taken by photographers from eleven different countries, the photographic competition held in conjunction with the 2012 Eifel Rallye Festival was even more popular than last year. But it was not just the quantity of entries that enthused the head judge of the competition, famous rally photographer Reinhard Klein, but also the quality and variety of the pictures submitted. “It is simply amazing how many great pictures are taken during the three days of the Eifel Rallye Festival. The all-new BOSCH Super Stage and the occasionally terrible weather conditions seemed to be very favourable for excellent photography. As it was so hard to pick the best images, we have simply added a fourth and fifth prize to our competition that we had not intended to award beforehand.”

Surprising result of the SMS voting: The longest rally car and the most modern rally car turned out to be the crowd favourites during the 2012 Eifel Rallye Festival. The price for the most spectacular sideways driving was won by the enormous Mercedes 300 SE driven by Thomas Kübler and Max Hunzinger. With a length of 4.875 metres, the Mercedes from 1963 certainly has enough mass that can be moved sideways. In contrast, the Ford Focus WRC of James Avis and Peter Moss was crowned as the nicest vehicle of the event. The Focus is 38 years younger than the 300 SE! The third category, for the best rally car sound, was won by the Opel Ascona 400 of Jens Martin and Matthias Rombach.

The time tables for the Eifel Rahlye Festival are available now in the downlaod area.

The cars and stars that are coming to the Eifel Rallye Festival at the end of this month make a truly dazzling list, particularly so since the organisers announced this week that ex-World Rally Champions, Bjorn Waldegard and Stig Blomqvist, will be joining their fellow ex-champion, Walter Rohrl, in the list of drivers participating. That list includes drivers coming from thirteen different countries. As for the rally cars that will be there, they too break new records since there are thirty-one different manufacturers represented and seventy-six different models of car among which there are thirty-six Group B cars and more than forty absolutely original rally cars.

La vente aux enchères a commencé.

Dans le cadre du Shakedown de l’Eifel Rallye Festival, Wolf-Dieter Ihle offre la possibilité de monter dans son Audi Sport quattro E2 (aussi connu en tant que S1) Groupe B le temps de deux passages. La voiture en question est l’Audi E2 Groupe B originale avec laquelle l’équipage Stig Blomqvist/Björn Cederberg a concourut au Rallye d’Argentine 1985. Le Shakedown (3,1 km du départ à l’arrivée) sera parcouru deux fois, soit 6,2 km en course. Le meilleur enchérisseur sera averti par les membres de l’organisation de l’Eifel Rallye Festival et pourra ainsi profiter des 500 chevaux sur les routes asphaltées du Shakedown à Neichen le 26 juillet 2012 à partir de 17h00. Les bénéfices engendrés par l’enchère seront reversés à l'association caritative.