Programme, tickets, list of prices, selling points


The programme contains detailed descriptions of all special stages with the proven points of spectator, general maps of all special stages and starter lists.


There are four ticket categories. A day ticket for the shakedown on Thursday or the Super Stage + special stage on Friday. A weekend ticket for all special stages inclusive the shakedown and Super Stage . A day ticket for the special stages on Saturday..

List of prices

Programme 10,00 EUR  
day ticket shakedown 10,00 EUR Shakedown on Thursday
day ticket Friday 15,00 EUR Special stage 1 and special stage 2 on Friday
day ticket Saturday 20,00 EUR All special stages on Saturday
weekend ticket 30,00 EUR Shakedown and all special stages

Children under the age of 14, don´t have to pay for visiting special stages.

The webshop of the Eifel Rallye Festival will open on 01.04.2024.

You have got the following options to buy tickets and the programme:

Tickets and Programs - Webshop from 01.04.2024

Programs from 29.7.2024

- Tourist Information im Forum Daun
- Aral petrol station Daun
- ED petrol station Daun
- Lotto Treff Brück Daun
- Hotel Grafenwald Daun
- Star petrol station Kelberg

Programs and Tickets

- Tourist Information im Forum Daun, from 29.07.2024
- ADAC sales stall marketplace Daun, from 15.08.2024
- at the tracks, from 15.08.2024

Hours of opening ADAC sales stall marketplace

Thursday, 15. August 2024, 09.00 - 22.00 o'clock
Friday, 16. August 2024, 09.00 - 20.00 o'clock
Saturday, 17. August 2024, 07.00 - 15.00 o'clock