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If you own one of rallyings classics of the past, but do not want to enter any kind of the numerous kinds of historic rallying with your collectors item, we have some news for you:

Just imagine you own one of Sandro Munaris Lancia Stratos or Hannu Mikkolas Audi Quattros what would you do with this car. Even if it was eligible, you would not enter historic rallying with it. You could drive it on a race track, there it would not get damaged, but it would not feel good. Rally cars are not made for racetracks. To use it for a weekend drive in the countryside, no way. To leave it parked in the garage? How boring.

We have news for you. During the course of a year we organise a few demonstration events for collectors rally cars. We use a few selected stages of current events and drive about one hour before the first real competitor over these stages. These stages are carefully chosen - nice tarmac with almost no gravel- to suit our cars and not damage them. But they are proper closed stages with lots of demanding bends. There is strictly no competition, everyone drives at the speed he feels safe to do and in respect towards each other. Björn Waldegard is one of our regular guest driver and said once: The difference to rallying is here that everyone drives with each other, not against each other. You can recce the event and go full swing with pace notes, but you do not have to, it could also be a gentleman drive. If you have a problem with your car you can even service it and rejoin later. And all this in a friendly atmosphere without the pressure of competition and sets of regulations. But if you need to collect fame and cups, it is the wrong thing to do. In our group the cars are the stars, not the drivers.


  • Our demo drives are strictly non-sporting and therefore not subject to any sports regulations.
  • There is no technical scrutineering, noise check etc. and no competition licence is required.
  • Thus during the course of the event drivers and cars can be changed and parts of the route can be omitted to rejoin later.
  • Cars need to be road traffic insured and the use of helmets on the stages is compulsory, fireproof overalls are recommended due to safety reasons. Entry is reserved for rally cars only, no street homologation models.
  • Cars must be in restored condition and represent the international history of rallying, being built until and including 1986. Cars built after 1986 (Group A) must be original works cars only, while no Group N is allowed.
  • Optical and technical appearance must be original, private sponsors are not welcome.


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