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Route to Eifel Rallye Festival by car

Arriving from the North – Netherlands, Cologne and Ruhr
Take the A1 going towards Blankenheim and exit via the slip road. From there, go towards Hillesheim / Gerolstein, then follow signs for Daun / Manderscheid.

Arriving from the North – Belgium, Netherlands
Take the E 40 Liège towards Aachen / Trier, then follow the A 60 up to the Prüm exit, then take the B410 towards Daun.

Arriving from the East / South East – Frankfurt, Koblenz
Follow the A3 Frankfurt / Cologne up to the Dernbacher Dreieck junction. Alternatively, follow the A 61 Ludwigshafen / Cologne up to the Koblenzer Kreuz junction. From there, take the Eifel motorway Koblenz - Trier and exit at the Vulkaneifeldreieck / Daun junction.

Arriving from the South – Saarbrücken
Follow the A1 Saarbrücken/Trier, then from Trier, take the  A48 up to the exit at Vulkaneifeldreieck / Daun