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ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival – The historic rally world meets in the Volcanic Eifel

  • The schedule of the Festival is now definitive
  • Rides as co-driver with Blomqvist, Thiry, Toivonen and Schelle are up for auction
  • Available to order: Programme booklets, tickets and the official book of the Eifel Rallye Festival 2011 - 2022

In the region around Daun, anticipation is mounting for the return of the biggest rolling rally museum. The ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 27th to 29th, 2023) will once again bring over one hundred and fifty historic rally cars to Daun. They will not just be on display at the service areas along the Rally Mile in the middle of Daun, as fans can also watch these cars from rally history in action on the demonstration stages in the Volcanic Eifel. One of the secrets of success of this unique 'class meeting' of rallying is the fact that there is no timekeeping on the stages. This guarantees the diversity of the entry list, from the small Trabant to the powerful turbocharged cars from the Group B era, or even the WRC cars of the more recent past – all of them are enthusiastically cheered by the tens of thousands of fans who come here from all over Europe – and sometimes even further.

As last year, the Festival will kick-off on Thursday (July 27th) from 15.00 hrs with the shakedown in Bodenbach. In the area between Bodenbach and Borler, there are several spectator points from which the majority of the stage can be seen, thus it is a visual as well as an acoustic treat. At the official spectator points – as at all other demonstration stages – the local clubs take good care of their international guests. "We look forward to being a part of the Eifel Rallye Festival every year. First as part of a stage and now as the start and finish of the Shakedown," Thorsten Krämer, Mayor of Bodenbach, conveys the mood of his community. "Many of our numerous helpers take extra leave for this, but we are now a well-coordinated team across the clubs." However, the fact that the Shakedown is now being held here also brought some changes as Krämer explains: "More visitors require even more logistics, for example, and significantly more parking space for the fans. The cooperation with our Shakedown partner community Borler and the makers of the Festival works absolutely smoothly and to good effect." The community centre in Bodenbach is also the first port of call for journalists. Last year, almost one hundred writing and photographic representatives of the media as well as TV stations and radio stations from twenty nations were provided with the necessary documents to cover the Festival. However, the residents living along the Shakedown stage had to accept one restriction last year since, thanks to the many fans along the route, the mobile telephone network was overloaded and partially broke down.

Thursday evening traditionally belongs to the Welcome Evening. From 20.30 hrs, the open-air cinema run by cult motorsport filmmaker, Helmut Deimel, opens on the main stage at Laurentiusplatz on the Rally Mile. The Festival ringmaster, Markus Stier, will head the evening and elicit entertaining and surprising anecdotes from the rally stars who come up to his microphone.

Friday starts at 08:00 hrs with technical scrutineering. For the first time, the scrutineering of the cars will have a commentator so that the fans will receive additional information about the vehicles and the teams as the cars are being scrutineered. From 11.00 hrs, the autograph session with the stars of the Festival will attract visitors to the stage adjacent to the Rally Mile. It is important to line up in good time, as the rush for the coveted signatures is simply enormous year after year. From 14.00 hrs, the first advance cars will roll over the start ramp towards the 'Hochkelberg' stage. Here there is an absolute novelty for the fans. The loop, which was used for the first time last year, will be run a second time on Friday from 18.53 hrs as a night stage. Non-stop action with the historic rally cars will thus be offered to the fans on the designated spectator areas until well into the evening, which are all within walking distance from the car park.

Of the three demonstration stages on Saturday, two are new. The first one will take place at the legendary 'Mantaloch' on the outskirts of Brück. Parts of the route have already been used in the past, but a large part of the new ten-kilometre sprint course is completely new. The second stage is also completely new – apart perhaps from a few short familiar sections – and extends over 14.2 kilometres along the Ueßbach valley. Also a classic, and no less interesting, is the familiar Lehwald circuit at the end with its main spectator point at a natural grandstand.
The grand finale of the Festival starts on Saturday evening with the rally party kicking off with live music on the big stage at Laurentiusplatz. The highlight, but by no means the end of the long night, is the prize-giving ceremony that runs from 20.30 hrs.

Rides with Blomqvist, Thiry, Toivonen and Schelle are up for bid
How would you like to sit alongside a rally Champion as he drives these stages ? It is a cherished tradition at the Eifel Rallye Festival that such rides are auctioned off for charitable purposes. This year, the much sought-after passenger seats of Stig Blomqvist (Audi Sport Quattro S1), Bruno Thiry (VW Golf GTI 16 V), Harri Toivonen (Škoda Fabia Rallye2)and Niki Schelle (Suzuki Ignis Super 1600) have been made available for this purpose.
Whoever places the highest bid in each of the auctions will be able to sit there for an impressive lap during the shakedown. The "Nestwärme e.V.” in Trier will be happy about the financial result. They use it to provide "moments of joy" for families with disabled children and their mission statement is: “Nestwärme e.V. is dedicated to helping children, young people and adults”. All information about the auctions is always available on the homepage ( plus all social media channels of the Eifel Rally Festival. A first auction is already underway. One special thing about it is that Wolf-Dieter Ihle is not only providing the original VW Golf GTI Team of Lars-Erik Torph/Björn Cederberg from the 1988 East African Safari Rally in Kenya for Thiry, he is also doubling up the highest bid to the benefit of “Nestwärme e.V.”.

Eifel Rally Festival 2011-2022 – The definitive book.
The official book about the first ten editions of the Eifel Rally Festival is not just a simple chronicle. With the stars of the scene from the past and present and with the most beautiful original cars and replicas from rally history, it is, so to speak, a Who's Who of the sport. Within its pages are the highlights from ten years of the Festival with cars that are normally never seen outside museums, such as the Group S Audi, the rebuilt Safari Stratos and exotics ranging from the Jidé to the Clan Crusader. There is a unique cross-section of rally history with the older classics from Mini and Volvo PV544 to Group 4 legends like the Stratos and the Ascona 400, not forgetting the amazing Group B monsters, the stars of Group A from Lancia to Subaru as well as the spectacular World Rally Cars. The bilingual texts (German and English) and the many photos in the 300-page work are completed by numerous tables and lists of starters and cars from the ten years. The foreword is written by long-time patron Walter Röhrl in which he recalls his own impressions of the Festival. Here is the order link at the RallyWebShop:

The Eifel Rally Festival - Timetable

Thursday, July 27th, 2023  
15:00 – 19:00 Shakedown in Bodenbach
From 20:30 Welcome Evening in the Rally Mile, Open-air rally cinema with cult filmmaker Helmut Deimel
Friday, July 28th, 2023  
From 08:00 hrs Vehicle scrutineering, Rally Mile in Daun
11:00 – 12:00 Autograph session with many stars
From 14:20 Hochkelberg One
From 18.20 Hochkelberg Two, by night
Saturday, July 29th, 2023  
08:30 – 16:00 Asphalt stages in the Volcano Eifel
In between the stages Rally Mile Daun with many attractions
From 19:30 Rally party with honours and prize giving

Advance sale of programme booklets and tickets has started
In order to optimise the distribution and to extend the offer, the sale of the programme booklet and the tickets will be organised via the RallyWebShop this year. This makes it possible for the first time to offer day tickets in advance as well as weekend tickets. In addition, the RallyWebShop offers a variety of payment options such as PayPal or credit card. Here is the link to the different ordering options in the RallyWebShop:
The prices for the programme and tickets can be found in our price list:

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