The winners of the 2023 photo competition

The winners of the 2023 photo competition have been announced. We would like to thank 93 participants from 8 nations for the photos they sent in. The winners have been notified in the meantime and will all receive a 2024 fan package (2 weekend tickets, 1 programme booklet, 1 voucher for the Welcome Evening, 1 baseball cap, 1 complete set of autograph cards and 2 event stickers). The winning photo 2023 was "shot" by Frederico Acosta from Berlin. Congratulations!


Place 1
Federico Acosta, Berlin
Everyone helps where they can. Dieter Mohr spins, which is not difficult with the nervous R5 Turbo. He gets stuck on the underbody and the rear wheels spin for lack of grip. Immediately, helpers and spectators are on their way to get him going again.

2nd place
Christian Dietrich, Langgöns
Festival idyll at the WP Mantaloch. Proof that it didn't rain all weekend.

3rd place
Luciano Ragusa, Primstal
Fire under the car? No, don't worry, only the turbo engine lights up the dusk with a little "afterglow".

Special Award Photo Art
Lukas Ammann
Real art: A perfect photo of how even bad weather can be turned into something fascinating.

Special Award Originell
Randy Telemann, Nordhausen
To the question what is a so-called 'French toilet' on a rally car for Africa, Safari Rally warhorse Lofty Drews answers in his own way. He shows how he squatted on the rear of the car, holding on to the handles and rocking to increase the pressure on the drive axle - only his trousers remain up.