Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Joachim Lütticken

Joachim Lütticken has been in the Eifel since 2006, but this year he will be missing from the 'Rally Party with Friends'. "That makes me a little sad, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great event!" For the Audi driver, the rally centre in Daun's city centre is an important part: "It leads to a family atmosphere, everyone gets close to the drivers and the cars. However, I miss a bit of the more recent rally history. There are relatively few early WRCs, which could be improved."
Joachim Lütticken has fond memories of 2011: "30 years after his 3rd place at the Rally Monte-Carlo, Jochi Kleint was back at the wheel of the Ascona RA31 at the Eifel Rally Festival!"
But from his point of view, the festival has also evolved: "It has become more professional, the safety requirements have increased over the years. But on the other hand, thank God, the festival is still so shirt-sleeved that it still reflects a bit of the spirit of the rallies from the 50s to the 80s."