Permanent guests at the Eifel Rally Festival - Gerd Dicks

Gerd Dicks was the engine man at Toyota, both in the World Rally Championship, LeMans and Formula 1.
With his original Group B Toyota Celica Turbo from 1986, which was driven by Lars-Eric Torph at Olympus Rallye back then, he is a regular guest in the Eifel. "Already in 2010, when we drove in the supporting programme of the DRM, many fans came to Daun especially because of us. Since the change to the festival, the fans now come to the Eifel in droves from all over and are thrilled. The rally mile is also very interesting for me, I spend every free minute there. However, there is also a big disadvantage in Daun: the evenings are too short to catch up with everyone ?? .
Reinhard (Klein) has managed to present the rally history extremely true to the original. It's not the individual vehicles, but the entire range. Add to that the positive mood of everyone present and the enthusiasm of the fans - it's like being at the Monte. Not only through my work at Toyota, but also through the contact with the historic cars, some of my heroes from the past even became friends. For my 60th birthday, my sons had invited Björn Waldegård as a surprise guest. He actually came and gave me his trophy, which we had won together in 1983 at the first outing of the Turbo-Celica.