Accident at Eifel Rallye Festival

Around 3.15 p.m. for so far unknown reasons, one participant left the track to the right during the shakedown and drove into the spectators, who were behind the barriers. According to the current state of knowledge, six people were injured. Among the spectators were two doctors and several paramedics who were able to help immediately. The rescue forces of the organizer present on site and the forces summoned were also at the scene of the accident within a few minutes. Four people who were lightly injured were taken to surrounding hospitals, one of the two seriously injured was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter.


The shakedown was stopped immediately. The event will be continued in a manner appropriate to the occasion with the Welcome Evening at 8.30 pm.


If there are any other persons affected by the accident who have not contacted us on site, please contact the organizer.

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