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Peugeot 205 T16 E2 – 1986 - Gr. B

Today: Enda Garvey, Great Britain

For many years, Peugeot have kept all their stock of 205 T16 rally cars but finally decided to part with them and sold a few into private hands. Enda Garvey picked the Acropolis winning 205 T16 E2 of the lot.  

Yesterday: Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen, Acropolis Rally 1986

The Acropolis in 1986 saw one of the most convincing wins of the rising Finnish star Juha Kankkunen. He withstood the pressures of all his rivals, driving fast and sensible at the same time to keep out of trouble. Even when Markku Alén increased the turbo pressure of his Lancia S4 to go for "maximum attack" and to try to catch him, Kankkunen kept cool, stayed in the lead and waited until Alén's engine blew up. Than this T16 was used as a test car for the four-wheel-steering system for the Pikes Peak cars and an ultra-hot special Pikes Peak engine war installed which is still in the car today.  


Enda Garvey, Great Britain

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