Eifel Rallye Festival 2011-2015

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Bid for a co-drive with Walter Röhrl - Auction is finished

The auction "Bid for a co-drive with Walter Röhrl during the Eifel Rallye Festival" is finished with an amount of 4.565,55 EUR.

We very warmly congratulate the winner.

Miki Biasion (58, I) – Lancia Delta S4

Massimo "Miki" Biasion may have celebrated his greatest successes - he won the 1988 and 1989 WRC titles - at the wheel of a Group A Lancia Delta, but his promotion into the Lancia Martini works team and his first WRC victory came earlier than that. Both happened in 1986 with a 450 bhp Delta S4 supercar. And it is a monster like that which Biasion will again be trying to tame during the Eifel Rallye Festival.

Car presentation

Mini Cooper S - 1962, Gr. 2 - Hubert Dahmen/Ursula Eck

Hubert Dahmen was looking for a very genuine, early Cooper S and finally found one in Portugal in 1998. After various events with the car, he had to restore it totally in 2009, this took until 2014. Today, the Cooper is restored to its former glory and equipped with a 1275 cc engine and a four-speed gearbox. Mehr >

Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione IMSA - 1989, Gr. Prototyp - Matthieu Tak/Mike van den Brink

After the Giro de Italia and Rally di Monza in 1988 und 1989 this Alfa was mainly used during race meetings. It was still in race trim when Matthieu Tak bought it. He restored the car completely and changed it back to its original rally spec und livery. Mehr >

Lancia Rally 037 - 1984, Gr. B - Pierre Antoine Rampon/ F

Christophe Vaison bought this Lancia 037 in the winter of 2013 und rebuilt it entirely in the Vaison Sport workshop with its primary aim to participation in the Rally of Morocco Historic. This restoration was carried out with extreme care. Some parts no longer exist today and had to be rebuilt identically. Mehr >

Porsche 911 SC (1) - 1981, Gr. 4 - Walter Röhrl/

After the Sanremo Rally in 1981 this 911 SC stayed with Porsche in their enormous collection of original cars and is used here and than on classic events. Mehr >

Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 - 1985, Gr. B - Dave Kedward/Vijay Mehta

Since the original winning car from the 1985 Sanremo Rally is not existing anymore, Gary Midwinter had the ambitious idea to build a replica of just that car which is true to the original as somehow possible. By the beginning of the new century, he collected many original parts and it took him two years to finish the car. Mehr >

MG A - 1958, Gr. 2 - Frederic Duffour/Sylvie Hudry

Frédéric Duffour bought this MG A in 2015 from a German collector and has his first try in rallying with the slowly sideways group in 2016. Mehr >


Eifel Rallye Festival App - Info to go

When does the next demonstration stage start? And who is the guy driving car number 10? The answer to these and many other questions can be found in the Eifel Rallye Festival App. Wherever you are, this information tool keeps you updated throughout the event.

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In 2015, the organisers of the Eifel Rallye Festival tried a new concept intended for those rally cars which are either too fragile or too valuable for a full weekend of rallying over more than 100 kms of stages - or perhaps cannot not get approval to drive on the open road.

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Bid for a co-drive with Walter Röhrl during the Eifel Rallye Festival

The auction has begun: This is without doubt the chance of a lifetime for any rally fan. Very soon you will able to bid on eBay for a ride with Walter Röhrl in an original Group B Audi Sport Quattro, now owned by Wolf-Dieter Ihle.

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Greatest Group B show with three World Champions

Thirty years after they were banned from international rallying, the Group B cars will celebrate their greatest show ever at the ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival (July 21-23, 2016). The MSC Daun, organisers of the three-day demonstration event, are proud to announce that they have, by now, confirmation that 65 Group B and Group S cars ...

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News service - Videos of the spectator points

With small films of the spectator points we want to show you right now, what you can expect at the spectator areas on the demonstration stages. The exact location and access to this spectator points can be found in our program booklet.

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Biggest Group B show takes shape

The Return of Group B is the theme for this year's Eifel Rallye Festival (July 21-23, 2016) and it will almost certainly be the biggest collection of Group B cars in one place since this category was banned from international rallying in 1986. "Already we have fifty-five Group B and Group S cars confirmed that will attend the Eifel Rallye Festival.

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